ExIf 35
Comprehensive film records storage and embedding
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Fields In Use
ExIf 35
As of December 29, 2016
	Fields are only written to if there is data to write to those fields.
Fields are listed in the order in which they are written to the image files,
which in general is roll information first, then individual frame information.
Unless otherwise noted, all fields are recorded directly from user input.

Fields Written
ISO Speed
  Sensitivity of the film or camera sensor
	*Exif: 0x8827

Exposure Index
  Exposure index used for exposing image
	*Exif: 0xA215
  The person who took the photo
	*ExIf: 0x13B
	*XMP: DC\Creator
Date Time Taken
  The date and time the image was captured to the medium
	*ExIf: 0x132
	*ExIf: 0x9003
Date Time Digitized
  The date and time the image was first stored electronically
	#Time may be used from source file if not specified
	*ExIf: 0x9004

Exposure Program
  Exposure program of the camera, also called exposure mode
	*ExIf: 0x8822

Scene Capture Type
  Special camera setting for certain circumstances. Varies by make.
	*ExIf: 0xA406
Metering Mode
  Determines how the camera arrives at the exposure values.
	*ExIf: 0x9207
Light Source
  The source of light, used to determine white balance or image warmth
	*ExIf: 0x9206

Subject Distance Range
  Where on the len's focus range the subject is. Distant is infinity.
  Macro is greater than a 1:1 reproduction. 
	*ExIf: 0xA40C

  Direction image is to be rotated or flipped for proper display
	*ExIf: 0x112

  States if the flash was fired. 
	*ExIf: 0x9209
Exposure Bias
  Positive or negative value stating the offset from the meter recommendations
	*ExIf: 0x9204
Focal Length
  The actual focal length of the lens for the image
	*ExIf: 0x920A
	*ExIf: 0xA405 (35mm equiv.)

  The relative size of the lens opening used for the image
	*ExIf: 0x9202
	*ExIf: 0x829D

Exposure Time
  How long the shutter curtain was left open for the image
	*ExIf: 0x829A

  Image title, usually subject or other descriptive statement
	*ExIf: 0x320
	*ExIf: 0x10D

  Description of the image, more verbose than a title. 
	*ExIf: 0x10E
Camera Make
  Company who built the camera
	*ExIf: 0x10F

Camera Model
  Model of the camera (usually includes maker short name)
	*ExIf: 0x0110

Body Serial Number
	Serial number of the camera body
	*ExIf: 0xA431

Lens Maxmium Aperture
  The smallest F-Number a lens is capable
	*ExIf: 0x9205
  Lens make, model, name and critical details
	*XMP: MicrosoftPhoto\LensManufacturer
	*XMP: MicrosoftPhoto\LensModel
	*XMP: XMP\Lens
	*XMP: AUX\LensInfo
	*ExIf: 0xA433
	*ExIf: 0xA434
	*ExIf: 0xA435

Vibration Reduction or Image Stablilization
  Indicates whether vibration reduction techniques were used for the frame
	*XMP: ExIf35\VibrationReduction

Exposure Mode
  Release mode for camera
	*ExIf: 0xA402 (in normal range)
	*XMP: ExIf35\ExposureMode (above normal range)

Focus Mode
  The type of focus system used for the image
	*XMP: ExIf35\FocusMode
  Any filter or auxillary lens in use, such as polarizer or close-range
	*XMP: ExIf35\Filter

  Application that most recently wrote to the image
	#Will always be "ExIf 35"
	*ExIf: 0X131

Film Info
  Make and model of film image was recorded on
	*ExIf: 0x9286 (user comment)
	*IPTC: Caption
	*XMP: Microsoft\System.Comment
	*XMP: ExIf35\Film

File Source
  How the image became digital
	*ExIf: 0xA300
	*XMP: Iptc4xmpExt\DigitalSourceType
	*XMP: ExIf35\FileSource (uses A300 text values)
Source File Name
  Original source file name
	#Obtained from input file list
	*XMP: ExIf35\SourceFileName

  Keywords and tags that describe the image, used to aid in searches
	*ExIf: 0x4747
	*XMP: Microsoft\System.Keywords
	*XMP: DC\Subject

Roll Number
  Counter value of the number of rolls shot/stored that will ID a specific role
	*XMP: ExIf35\Roll

Roll ID
  A string value that identifies the roll, but is distinct. A roll serial 
  number is appropriate in this field 
	*XMP: ExIf35\FilmUniqueID

Roll Load Date
  An Exif formatted date string indicating when the film was loaded
    *XMP: Exif35\RollLoadDate
Roll Unload Date
  An Exif formatted date string indicating when the film was unloaded
    *XMP: Exif35\RollUnloadDate
Developer Solution
  Chemical used for developing the film
	*XMP: ExIf35\DevelopSolution

Developer Duration
  Amount of time media spent in chemical bath
	*XMP: ExIf35\DevelopDuration

Development Temperature
  Temperature at which development was conducted and/or temperature of chemicals
	*XMP: ExIf35\DevelopmentTemperature

Develop Date
  Date (in ExIf form) that the roll was inserted into the developing solution
	*XMP: ExIf35\DevelopDate

Exposure Number
  Counter value of the number of the exposure on the roll. 
	*XMP: ExIf35\ExposureNumber
  Author's copyright statement
	*ExIf: 0x8298
	*XMP: DC\Rights

Contact Information
  A variety of contact information for contacting the photographer
	#From information entered in ExIf35
	#Numerous fields match to numerous fields
	#Information is only written at user request
	*XMP: Photoshop\AuthorsPosition (title)
	*XMP: Iptc4xmpCore\CreatorJobTitle (title)
	*XMP: Iptc4xmpCore\CreatorAddress (address)
	*XMP: Iptc4xmpCore\CreatorCity (city)
	*XMP: Iptc4xmpCore\CreatorRegion (state/province)
	*XMP: Iptc4xmpCore\CreatorPostalCode (postal code)
	*XMP: Iptc4xmpCore\CreatorCountry (country)
	*XMP: Iptc4xmpCore\CreatorWorkTelephone (phone)
	*XMP: Iptc4xmpCore\CreatorWorkEmail (email)
	*XMP: Iptc4xmpCore\CreatorWorkURL (web address)

  Photograher remarks regarding subject or tehnical aspects.
	#Freeform text field with no standard meaning or payload
	*XMP: ExIf35\Remarks

	*Exif is the Exif space of the JPEG image file
	*XMP is the Adobe XMP namespace
	*Aux is the Photoshop Auxilary Namespace
	*IPTC is original International Press Telecommunications Council fields
	*Iptc4xmpCore is the XMP version of IPTC fields
	*Iptc4xmpExt is the extension of IPTC Core for XMP
	*DC is the Dublin Core XMP namespace
	*ExIf35 (as a namespace) is the proprietary namespace of Exif35